Dreamlike depictions from a Prix Pictet winning photographer

“My work helps me understand life better and understand myself. It allows me to heal and grow as a human being, and to connect with others without having to talk,” explains Joana Choumali. The Ivorian photographic-textile artist depicts life in African cities with embroidery, creating dreamlike scenes that allow her work to comment on mental health, trauma, and hope through a comforting guise.

Born in 1974 and based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Choumali began experimenting with photography as a child. She has always used the medium as a meditative and intimate form…

An architectural transformation reminiscent of childhood memories

Perched a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea, architect Amelia Tavella’s Casa Santa Teresa gives a nostalgic nod to the coastal holiday homes of her childhood. This stylish retreat on the mountainous island of Corsica encapsulates a growing architectural and interior design movement that imbues a sense of wellbeing by the sea. Featured in Life’s A Beach, this rebuild is a tribute to its vestiges of the past: soul and spirit.

From our recent release with Courier, discover how this start-up rose through the ranks

Kyle Hoff lives with his wife Brooke and baby daughter Henni in a single-story cuboid home in Detroit’s Lafayette Park, the largest collection of residential homes designed by the great modernist architect Mies van der Rohe. The compact but light-flooded space is dotted with classic designs that coexist happily with a walnut platform bed and an L-shaped sofa in Ocean Dive blue from Floyd, the furniture brand that Hoff founded in 2014 with Alex O’Dell.

“I like design that is functional and timeless, but not elitist,”…

Writer Mónica R. Goya on how urban agriculture can increase access to healthy, locally grown produce if approached from an equity lens

The global peasant movement La Vía Campesina coined the term “food sovereignty” in 1996. Unlike food security, which in its basic form means to have access to sufficient, nutritious food, food sovereignty also covers people’s right to define agricultural strategies, including access to land, water, and other resources, prioritizing local, ecologically appropriate production, fair conditions for agricultural workers, and affordable access to seeds.

The world’s largest organic farming experiment took place in Cuba during the early 1990s. In…

A visual exploration into contemporary healing and rituals

The sacred symbolism of the Kalachakra mandala has been mistakenly misinterpreted over many generations, which even led to the Dalai Lama weighing in on the matter. More than just a piece of art, the Kalacakra is a Buddhist doctrine based on the concepts of time (kala) and cycles (chakra). Together they form a ritual known as the “Cycle of Time,” which was the origin for artist Himali Singh Soin and her partner, David Soin Tappeser’s film that they developed during the pandemic.

Rituals have always been inherent in environmental, social, and political…

A curated playlist by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mickalene Thomas, and other Tastemakers

The definition of a Tastemaker is “a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.” In our latest release with Semaine, Jonny Mahon-Heap writes that this group “are the future of taste-those who have crowbarred into movements and stepped through them with us, those who have opened doors and left them for us to walk through, those who cross-pollinate crafts with joy and curiosity.” …

Antiques and art in an extraordinary setting, the story of Castle ‘s-Gravenwezel as told in Living In

Once upon a time in Belgium, on the borders of the Scheldt River where the historic city of Antwerp is located, there was a young boy who liked antiques. He liked them so much that during a first trip alone to England in the 1960s as a teenager, he came back home with arms full of silver, antiques, and furniture, which his mother helped him to sell to her friends. A boy with talent and an innate flair, to whom experts “happily shared…

In Tuscany, Luca Rosati draws on his years as a professional chef to inform the clean, bold images he creates as a food photographer and stylist

During the 15 years that he worked in kitchens in his native Italy and abroad, Luca Rosati didn’t see himself as just a chef: he thought of himself as an artist, because he felt like one. “It is the chef who creates his style,” he explains. “I always thought that my dishes must have a strong impact.” That simple idea has carried Rosati from the kitchen to the camera. in his current role as…

Read the legendary story of this icon as told in How to Be a Tastemaker, our latest release with Semaine

From the discos of Düsseldorf to the covers of more magazines than any other model in history: one could be forgiven for wondering what else there is still to be added to the Hollywood-worthy story

Despite being one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, she never harbored any ambitions to be a model. It was in 1987 when a modeling scout saw her dancing to “You Spin Me Round” in a disco in Düsseldorf, that her life changed…

Kari Molvar and the awakening of a new generation with no bounds

Human beautification is almost as old as society itself. Most contemplating the culture and commodity of human beautification would be forgiven for thinking that it is a phenomenon that rose to prominence with the mass-producing factories and printing presses of the Industrial Revolution. But the beauty business and cosmetics are not modern inventions, they were used in ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies and throughout the Roman epoch. The truth is that beauty gradually adapts to the civilization of the hour. Signs of progress were slow and gradual, but the…


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